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Anonymous: Did Lily ever wear Tom Ford black orchid lipstick?

Yes, actually! She wore it to the British Fashion Awards in 2012 :) 

"Greenwell lined Collins’ lips with Laura Mercier’s Lip Pencil ($20) in Red Chocolate before applying Tom Ford’s Lip Color ($48) in Black Orchid directly from the tube." (x)

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Anonymous: How did you come up with your blog name and what was your old blog name??? (For blogger)

A tad long, I’ll put this under a read more x

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Anonymous: Hi Katie! First of all I want to say just how much I love ur blog! Second, could u style brown brogues and black tights for me please? Thanks!

You’re much too sweet thank you :) And I made a set not too long ago that I think would work, check it out here! If needed, you can always switch the jeans to leggings or pair the tights (if you meant like stockings haha) with a little black skirt x

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Lily Collins attends the Chanel show as part of Paris Fashion Week on July 8, 2014 in Paris, France. 


Lily Collins attends the Chanel show as part of Paris Fashion Week on July 8, 2014 in Paris, France. 

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Anonymous: hi, would you please help me to find a very casual lily-inspired outfit for going to the fair on a relatively chilly night? thanks so much; i love you and all you do for your blog and your followers :) xxx

Maybe something like this? 


And it’s no problem at all! Love you too and it’s always nice to know there’s so many of you out there supporting me in whatever I do :’) 

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Anonymous: Hi, can you suggest a lipstick similar to the one Lily wore to the Chiltern Firehouse? Preferably a cheap one? I know she wears a lot of Lancome but I'm not sure it's one of those. Anyway, if you could find a similar one, that would be great. Thanks! PS. Aren't you exctied to see what she wears to the Love, Rosie premiere?

 Both of Kate Moss’ lipsticks in the shade 09 or 20 are good! A lot of the swatches look different online then they do in person though so make sure you check and compare the two before purchasing x

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Anonymous: i love my doc martens but my boyfriend doesnt. should i still wear them

Yes but maybe just not around him?? Haha I think if you really don’t gaf just wear them anyway but I mean if he asked you nicely and would just prefer if you wore other shoes then I don’t see why you two couldn’t compromise on them lol

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Anonymous: Iabsolutely adore fashion. It just makes me feel good, do you think thats wrong? I'm not conceited, yet it seems people wonder why I try so hard to dress nice. Is there something wrong with that?

It’s like 400% not wrong. Tbh I think that’s really how fashion should make you feel, y’know? And it doesn’t make you conceited in the slightest! Just ignore the comments and try your best not to let other’s single minded opinions sway you from what makes you happy :) 

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Anonymous: Hi Katie ! Do you know what Lily would wear for a birthday with her family ?(I mean a simple but pretty style)Thank you ! PS : you're fabulous !

Hi there! It depends on the weather but she’d probably wear something like black jeans, an off the shoulder top like this one and either a pair of lace-up heeled sandals or black ankle booties. Thanks a bunch and you’re so welcome! xx

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Sooooooo much work to do ugh but guys I’m hereeeee

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