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Anonymous: hi! I was wondering if you could do lily collins inspired hairstyles for super long hair (besides the usual middle part). thanks!

Not too sure what sort of set I could make for that (seeing as Lily would usually just left her long hair middle-parted and down) but if you’re just up for suggestions than:

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Anonymous: could you make a set of fall trend booties with and without heels that lily might wear? (ie pointed toes, cutouts, etc) thank you xx

I just made a set here for heelless boots but I’ll make another one for you that’s a little more general! Should have it up in a moment x

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Lily Collins Inspired Fall Boots by lilycollinsstyle featuring Isabel Marant
Lily Collins Inspired Fall Boots by lilycollinsstyle featuring Isabel Marant
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Anonymous: Hi, I want to cut my long hair to something like lily had in the movie city of bones / love rosie. Could you please help me find some pictures I could show my hairdresser :-)

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Anonymous: Hi Katie! Sorry to bother you but I bought this, like 3/4 length sleeve blouse with a collar which is black with white polka dots all over from Zara and I wasn't really sure how to style it- any ideas? x

Not a bother at all, hope these help! x

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Anonymous: Do you think you could find that really colorful sweater lily wears I'm the love rosie trailer? I love it! Thanks :)

I tried looking for it but with no luck so far! :( I’ll keep you posted if it turns up in the future though x

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Anonymous: hey Katie, i love all your work i check your blog everyday !!! what was lily wearing in her ALS ice bucket challenge and did she get her hair cut i thought it was to her shoulders. thanks xxx

Hello and thank you so much hun! :~) 

I still have to make the style post for it but the smiley top she’s wearing is from junk food and I definitely think you might be right - her hair is practically to her chin now! 

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lilycollins-beauty: Hi I'm a new Lily Collins makeup/beauty blog and I was wondering if you could give me a shout out to your followers? :) Thanks! I loooove your blog by the way. xx

I don’t really do shout outs but definitely give her blog a look everyone! You’re doing a great job with it so far :)

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Anonymous: The crush anon update: there was a puddle and he offered to carry me and then hugged me I cannot even and for a while tbh I wasn't sure he liked me back but when I went upfront and he was called after me his friends were yelling at him and ndkiemskxlwlp

I’m honestly living vicariously through you rn like he sounds like such a sweetie and he definitely seems to like you quite a bit :’) The both of you sound sooooo cute btw and I definitely think that, sooner or later, you should just sort of 

if you know what I mean ;) I jk haha but keep me updated please!! x

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that awkward moment when one of your favourite style bloggers mentions how she’d love for someone to make a lily collins style blog and I’m just sitting here like


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