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discordiaa: Eyes, hands and knees :)

Eyes (Nine celebrity crushes):

Hands (Four things you’ve created that you’re proud of): 

Knees (Two things that make you go weak in the knees): 

Thanks for asking lovely! :) x

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body part asks.
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Anonymous: how do you prefer lilys hair? like what length and colour do you like the best on her? :)

I think this style and length is sooooo flattering on her:


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how many followers do you need before people starting buying you things 

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Lily Collins for ASOS Magazine 

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Anonymous: Do u think that lily doesn't get enough credit for her acting skills?

Not at all, but neither do a lot of actors. Look at Emma Watson for example, she’ll always be know as Hermione Granger and brushed off because of it but have you seen her acting in Noah? Literally unreal.

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Anonymous: I go to a private school and our fall uniform is a grey skirt and choice of navy or white socks and navy and white shirt. I really don't like the blue/grey combo and was wondering if you could help me within idea for shoes that will look good with it ( in the navy/tan/black scheme.. No bright colors or crazy patterns)

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willyoubemyfairytale: I just wanted to say thanks for always having such great advice and always being on top of finding things lily like. I've been following you for prolly more than a year and I still adore your blog. Just thanks for being here. And always always being so nice

You’re honestly such a sweetie omg wow this message made me so happy :’) Thank you for sticking through with me for so long and ilysm! xx

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Anonymous: Omg I love your blog so much you are my favourite style blog!

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Anonymous: Katie hOLY SHIT crush anon update: we had to wear these ridiculous costumes and when I changed he said I looked pretty and then he gave me a piggyback and we had a tickle fight. And I didn't go to school today because I got sick :( but when I woke up I saw that I got a missed call from him and jzkoskem I can't handle it katie :)


  1. Thank you for always keeping me updated
  2. At this point, your happiness is my happiness
  3. A TICKLE FIGHT *wheezes*
  4. Did you can him back after you missed his call (hopefully yes?)
  5. Can you two please just date already???? 

Tbh I think you should just sort of sherlock it (if you know what I mean…)

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